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Didim - the quite ancient city

Didim : It was called the quiet city , located on the Aegean Sea off the coast of Greece, between tourist cities there," Izmir "," Qusha Dacey" , " Bodrum ". Didim coast owns the largest bays in Turkey, and contains more than thirty coastline undiscovered , they are very suitable for family housing, and people who want a relaxing area . It's also one of the oldest historical cities in Turkey, since It was a part of the ancient Greek Empire, so It has a lot of ancient temples.
Didim in the summer is more like a European boycott as a result of its airspace and low humidity which, unlike other marine cities. This small city , which is Affiliated to Turkish Aydin , is Featuring the advantage of being a small town and a coastal beautiful resort contains a lot of distinctive areas and worth visiting ruins. the coast is located in the western of Turkey and extends for about 123 kilometers on the Aegean Sea . The most important heritage ruins at the city of Didim is the historic famous "Temple of Apollo" which is located in the old city of Didim , and this is to be considered as an attractive factor to tourists, as well as it contains all the elements which make it qualified for foreign tourism as a high level infrastructure and modern real estates which suit all tastes. Here, we must emphasize that Didim is a secure area , and in spite of tourism density in the summer, There are no witnesses to any strange cases so It's a peaceful, quiet town with a real sense.
It should be noted that there are companies provide property and real estate construction services and all matters related to real estates in this city ,and it is possible to own a house at low prices compared to other touristic areas, and there are many comfortable hotels in this city, which provide all the services for the convenience of its visitors and residents inside.
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